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Hotel Review and Social Media Management

We have Three plans to promote your Hotel/Resorts in India

What we need from You: Hotel Web Site link, good quality photographs, videos (if possible), any information about the business and tourist places around the Hotel. The plan charges do not include visit charges.

Basic Plan (One Time)

Hotel Review: Write a Promotional Blog Post about Your Hotel/Resort with pictures

Connect the Promotional Blog Post to other related posts on our Travel Blog like places of tourist interest around your property, Places of tourist interest in your State, etc. We will connect your Hotel post with maximum other posts. We will provide a link from this post to your Hotel website. The Hotel Review or Resort Review will be posted as soon as the information and pictures are available and the post will be retained on our Blog.

Basic Plan Charges: Rs. 1000/- only

Business Plan (One Time)

Basic Plan + One Post on a business blog explaining your success story & connecting it to your Hotel website & link posting on your Facebook Page for Business and Travel Blogs.

Business Plan Charges: Rs. 2000/- only

Social Media (Monthly)

Business Plan + Managing your Hotel/Resort related Facebook Page, Twitter, and LinkedIn account, promotion of your Hotel or any special events at your hotel on our Blogs, suggest changes in your website for improving the Google search ranking.

Social Media Plan Charges: Rs. 5000/- per month

Hotel/Resort Visit: If you want us to visit the resort and take pictures, videos; you will have to bear the to-and-fro charges from Pune and one-night stay and food for one person. This cost is in addition to our plan charges.

Please note that we are not doing any Hotel Bookings on your behalf and at all places, your direct contact numbers and email will be provided.

Our payment can be made by Paytm or Online Bank Transfer.

Need more Information? Please send us an email on



A Unique Course to make Career in Content Writing


What is Unique about this Content Writing Course?

We will provide you work (Paid Internship) equivalent to the Course Fees in two months after completing the Course and we will pay for your work! This means you will pay the tuition fees first, and then through your paid internship you will get back the entire fees. There is no other content writing course which offers you to learn, get experience and earn!

Course Content:

  • What is Content Writing?
  • How to make Content Writing Effective?
  • The parameters to keep in mind while writing professional content
  • Difference between Blog Posts, Articles, and Web Page content
  • Differentiate the content as per Client’s Country
  • Good writing styles
  • Difference between Promotional Content and Informative Articles
  • Tone of writing
  • Interactive writing
  • First person / Second-person writing
  • Keyword based writing
  • Basics of Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO writing
  • Writing on different topics
  • Internet research
  • Use of different tools
  • Reading samples
  • Visiting excellent blogs
  • Hands-on training
  • Assignments
  • Internship (Paid)

Course Duration: 12 days – 2 hours per day (Includes Course material)

Course Fees: Rs. 12,000/- or USD 200 to be paid in advance on the first day of the online course.

You can pay through online money transfer in India to Bank Account or to Paytm and for any other countries, you can pay through PayPal.

100% fees refund (you earn it through paid work assigned to you) through paid internship

Course Delivery: Online through Skype, email

Start date: You can start the course from any working day.

Profile of Course Coordinator:

The Course Coordinator has 20 years of experience in working with different Industries and has written more than 1000 Articles, Blog posts, and web page content. He himself will take the course & will continue to be with you throughout the duration of the course.

More Information: Send a mail to to ask for payment details and your course start date. This is a one to one coaching.

Want to handover SEO and SMM of your website?

SEO SMM services

Hi Business Owners,

If you already have a website for last 3 months or more, we can take up total responsibility of the full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) work for your site. We will carry out the On Page analysis of your website and we will do Off page to bring in more traffic to your website. After the onpage analysis, we can go ahead and look at any improvements required in content from SEO perspective. Adding new right keywords is a part of this exercise.

On Page SEO work:

  • Page response time, headers, meta tags, descriptions will all be checked and we will implement whatever is missing or need to be  improved
  • Keyword optimisation will be done as per white hat digital marketing strategies
  • Checking for your neighbouring sites, server, performance on the current server, responsiveness and any technical / coding changes will be performed
  • There are about 15 parameters which will be tested and implemented for onpage SEO for the selected pages / all pages
  • Suggestions will be given on the current content

Off Page SEO / SMM work:

  • We will do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram also including your profile management
  • We can go the organic way but if want us to run paid campaigns, we can do that for you
  • We will also publish blogs and create backlinks for you and improve the traffic
  • You will be able to see the results generally from 3rd month and you can have a monthly contract with us which you can stop anytime you want.

Get in touch with us on to get started today!


Train the Trainer Program for Soft Skills Training


Once you get trained as a Trainer for taking Soft Skill Trainings, you can go ahead and start your own Soft Skill Training Centre or join an Institute as a Trainer.

Soft Skill development is an important part of everyone’s personal and professional development. This skill development has got National importance and more and more Trainers will be required.  Like all our courses, you can do this course also online and your location is not going to be a constraint.

The Train the Trainer Program will cover:

  • Creating Professional Document (MS Word)
  • Storing and sharing documents on Cloud (Google Drive)
  • Creating Work Sheet (MS Excel)
  • Creating a PowerPoint Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
  • Writing a Professional email / Organising emails (Webmail)
  • Giving a Presentation / Developing Presentation skills
  • Organise your work
  • Work-Life balance
  • Dare to talk/make your point / Giving a small speech
  • Group discussion
  • Handling people / Team management
  • Social Media Interaction (FC, LinkedIn, Twitter) & posting
  • Blog Posting on WordPress sites
  • Creating a nice Profile
  • Motivating others


You will not only become an expert in these skills but you will be able to train these skills to others and become a Trainer.

Duration of the course is 15 days and classes can be conducted on Skype or in person (in Pune, India)

Course Fees:  Rs. 18000 or USD 300. You can pay the course fees using Online back transfer, Paytm in India or using PayPal from outside India

Start your Career as a Soft Skills Trainer OR Administrator OR a Virtual Assistant.

Contact us on to get started.

Personality Development Course


Personality Development Course Details:

Join this course for a new beginning in your Life and live a happier life.

  • Who would get benefitted from the Personality Development Class?
    • College Students, Working professionals, Self Employed people, Homemakers, People starting to work again after a career gap.
  • Duration of the course:
    • 20 hours distributed as per convenience of coach and student
  • Course Contents:
    • Understanding of your present and future life
    • Understanding how you want to live your life
    • The gaps between today and tomorrow’s life ambitions
    • Working on a plan to develop the missing skills
    • Confidence building,    Dressing sense, Leadership skills
    • English Conversation basics
  • About the Faculty:
    • The Coach is having more than 20 years of experience in career coaching, mentoring, personality development, people management, Startup consulting.
  • Course Format:
    • One to One discussions (In person or on Skype), exercises, case studies, real-life examples, presentations, mentoring, social media presence creation.
  • Why one more Personality Development Course?
    • Everyone is running batches of students whose personalities are totally different from each other and it’s not becoming an effective training or coaching. The Digital touch to your personality is a must in today’s world.
  • Can the student contact facilitator for any guidance after the course?
    • Yes, that is possible. You can contact the facilitator after the training also.
    • Post Training Support is provided.
  • Why select us?
    • Multiple students got the benefit of taking the courses from us and being successful in their life. This includes students and professionals from India and even outside India.
  • Course Duration: 20 hours (spread between 10 to 20 days)

    Course Fees: Rs. 10,000/- or USD 150 to be paid in advance on the first day of the online course. You can pay through online money transfer in India to Bank Account or to Paytm and for any other countries, you can pay through PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Do I need Personality Development Training Course?
    • Do you think you need to boost your confidence? You can do much better in the job if you develop your soft skills? You can start something of your own if you know how to do a sales speech?
  • Is the course available online?
    • Yes, You can do the course online also.
  • Can the course start on any working day?
    • Yes. As this is an individual course, it can start on any weekday as per your convenience.
    • Contact us on we will get back to you.

Career Mentoring for IT Employees


We have a Career Mentoring Program for IT employees. You could be working in a startup or a small-scale, medium-scale or a large Company / Corporate. We will understand your skills, knowledge, experience, needs, Goals and will design a Career Mentoring program for your specific needs. The mentor has 20+ years of experience in IT Industry working in various roles & mentoring several employees at different levels of their career.

We will use proven methods, models, analysis to design the program and then we can meet in person / on phone or or Skype for the mentoring sessions. The sessions will be decided on mutual availability and need.

The mentoring will be initially set for 5 sessions and then based on your comfort level and need, additional sessions will be conducted. The fees are not very high but will be discussed with you as per your exact needs.

Get in touch with us on and we will send you a no obligation proposal. Thanks