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A Unique Course to make Career in Content Writing


What is Unique about this Content Writing Course?

We will provide you work (Paid Internship) equivalent to the Course Fees in two months after completing the Course and we will pay for your work! This means you will pay the tuition fees first, and then through your paid internship you will get back the entire fees. There is no other content writing course which offers you to learn, get experience and earn!

Course Content:

  • What is Content Writing?
  • How to make Content Writing Effective?
  • The parameters to keep in mind while writing professional content
  • Difference between Blog Posts, Articles, and Web Page content
  • Differentiate the content as per Client’s Country
  • Good writing styles
  • Difference between Promotional Content and Informative Articles
  • Tone of writing
  • Interactive writing
  • First person / Second-person writing
  • Keyword based writing
  • Basics of Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO writing
  • Writing on different topics
  • Internet research
  • Use of different tools
  • Reading samples
  • Visiting excellent blogs
  • Hands-on training
  • Assignments
  • Internship (Paid)

Course Duration: 12 days – 2 hours per day (Includes Course material)

Course Fees: Rs. 12,000/- or USD 200 to be paid in advance on the first day of the online course.

You can pay through online money transfer in India to Bank Account or to Paytm and for any other countries, you can pay through PayPal.

100% fees refund (you earn it through paid work assigned to you) through paid internship

Course Delivery: Online through Skype, email

Start date: You can start the course from any working day.

Profile of Course Coordinator:

The Course Coordinator has 20 years of experience in working with different Industries and has written more than 1000 Articles, Blog posts, and web page content. He himself will take the course & will continue to be with you throughout the duration of the course.

More Information: Send a mail to punegravity@gmail.com to ask for payment details and your course start date. This is a one to one coaching.


Need Great Content?


We are providing content writing service to multiple companies, websites, blogs and organisations. Great content comes through understanding of the subject, knowing the audience, experience in writing and writing in a style which users would like to read. Passion for writing is very important for the content to be effective.

Online or Offline research is required before any content writing but it does not mean you can copy and paste from other blogs or sites.

Writing content for webpages is different than writing for blog. Writing for informative blog is different than writing for a blog post to attract users to your website. We differentiate this and try to provide an accurate content for your need.We make sure that the content is free of any spelling, grammatical or content errors.

We would like to hear from you about your requirements for content writing services. Content is Most Important than any other thing on your website or blog!

We are providing Content Writing Services from Pune, India for Global clients.