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Personality Development Course


Personality Development Course Details:

Join this course for a new beginning in your Life and live a happier life.

  • Who would get benefitted from the Personality Development Class?
    • College Students, Working professionals, Self Employed people, Homemakers, People starting to work again after a career gap.
  • Duration of the course:
    • 20 hours distributed as per convenience of coach and student
  • Course Contents:
    • Understanding of your present and future life
    • Understanding how you want to live your life
    • The gaps between today and tomorrow’s life ambitions
    • Working on a plan to develop the missing skills
    • Confidence building,    Dressing sense, Leadership skills
    • English Conversation basics
  • About the Faculty:
    • The Coach is having more than 20 years of experience in career coaching, mentoring, personality development, people management, Startup consulting.
  • Course Format:
    • One to One discussions (In person or on Skype), exercises, case studies, real-life examples, presentations, mentoring, social media presence creation.
  • Why one more Personality Development Course?
    • Everyone is running batches of students whose personalities are totally different from each other and it’s not becoming an effective training or coaching. The Digital touch to your personality is a must in today’s world.
  • Can the student contact facilitator for any guidance after the course?
    • Yes, that is possible. You can contact the facilitator after the training also.
    • Post Training Support is provided.
  • Why select us?
    • Multiple students got the benefit of taking the courses from us and being successful in their life. This includes students and professionals from India and even outside India.
  • Course Duration: 20 hours (spread between 10 to 20 days)

    Course Fees: Rs. 10,000/- or USD 150 to be paid in advance on the first day of the online course. You can pay through online money transfer in India to Bank Account or to Paytm and for any other countries, you can pay through PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Do I need Personality Development Training Course?
    • Do you think you need to boost your confidence? You can do much better in the job if you develop your soft skills? You can start something of your own if you know how to do a sales speech?
  • Is the course available online?
    • Yes, You can do the course online also.
  • Can the course start on any working day?
    • Yes. As this is an individual course, it can start on any weekday as per your convenience.
    • Contact us on punegravity@gmail.com we will get back to you.