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Hotel Review and Social Media Management

We have Three plans to promote your Hotel/Resorts in India

What we need from You: Hotel Web Site link, good quality photographs, videos (if possible), any information about the business and tourist places around the Hotel. The plan charges do not include visit charges.

Basic Plan (One Time)

Hotel Review: Write a Promotional Blog Post about Your Hotel/Resort with pictures

Connect the Promotional Blog Post to other related posts on our Travel Blog like places of tourist interest around your property, Places of tourist interest in your State, etc. We will connect your Hotel post with maximum other posts. We will provide a link from this post to your Hotel website. The Hotel Review or Resort Review will be posted as soon as the information and pictures are available and the post will be retained on our Blog.

Basic Plan Charges: Rs. 1000/- only

Business Plan (One Time)

Basic Plan + One Post on a business blog explaining your success story & connecting it to your Hotel website & link posting on your Facebook Page for Business and Travel Blogs.

Business Plan Charges: Rs. 2000/- only

Social Media (Monthly)

Business Plan + Managing your Hotel/Resort related Facebook Page, Twitter, and LinkedIn account, promotion of your Hotel or any special events at your hotel on our Blogs, suggest changes in your website for improving the Google search ranking.

Social Media Plan Charges: Rs. 5000/- per month

Hotel/Resort Visit: If you want us to visit the resort and take pictures, videos; you will have to bear the to-and-fro charges from Pune and one-night stay and food for one person. This cost is in addition to our plan charges.

Please note that we are not doing any Hotel Bookings on your behalf and at all places, your direct contact numbers and email will be provided.

Our payment can be made by Paytm or Online Bank Transfer.

Need more Information? Please send us an email on punegravity@gmail.com