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Want to handover SEO and SMM of your website?

SEO SMM services

Hi Business Owners,

If you already have a website for last 3 months or more, we can take up total responsibility of the full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) work for your site. We will carry out the On Page analysis of your website and we will do Off page to bring in more traffic to your website. After the onpage analysis, we can go ahead and look at any improvements required in content from SEO perspective. Adding new right keywords is a part of this exercise.

On Page SEO work:

  • Page response time, headers, meta tags, descriptions will all be checked and we will implement whatever is missing or need to be  improved
  • Keyword optimisation will be done as per white hat digital marketing strategies
  • Checking for your neighbouring sites, server, performance on the current server, responsiveness and any technical / coding changes will be performed
  • There are about 15 parameters which will be tested and implemented for onpage SEO for the selected pages / all pages
  • Suggestions will be given on the current content

Off Page SEO / SMM work:

  • We will do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram also including your profile management
  • We can go the organic way but if want us to run paid campaigns, we can do that for you
  • We will also publish blogs and create backlinks for you and improve the traffic
  • You will be able to see the results generally from 3rd month and you can have a monthly contract with us which you can stop anytime you want.

Get in touch with us on punegravity@gmail.com to get started today!



SEO Strategy which works for you


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should start with a strategy which works for you and your website. Remember SEO is done at Page level and not at website level. The results will show up in few months and not immediately. SEO service is a key service we provide to our customers along with Social Media Marketing (SMM).

There are five steps we will perform if we are doing SEO for your web pages:

  1. Analyse your Web Pages
  2. Analyse your Social media Pages and Blog
  3. Decide a strategy for implementing SEO
  4. Implement On Page SEO
  5. Implement Off Page SEO

We are Content writing and SEO services provider in Pune, India serving Global clients. We help you optimise your web pages for higher ranking in Google search with a great customer experience!

SEO can be implemented while developing your website or for a live website. We work on both type of websites. We can write SEO optimised content for your webpages or can re-write your webpages for better performance and attract and retain more visitors. Call us to discuss customised strategy for your website.