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Train the Trainer Program for Soft Skills Training


Once you get trained as a Trainer for taking Soft Skill Trainings, you can go ahead and start your own Soft Skill Training Centre or join an Institute as a Trainer.

Soft Skill development is an important part of everyone’s personal and professional development. This skill development has got National importance and more and more Trainers will be required.  Like all our courses, you can do this course also online and your location is not going to be a constraint.

The Train the Trainer Program will cover:

  • Creating Professional Document (MS Word)
  • Storing and sharing documents on Cloud (Google Drive)
  • Creating Work Sheet (MS Excel)
  • Creating a PowerPoint Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
  • Writing a Professional email / Organising emails (Webmail)
  • Giving a Presentation / Developing Presentation skills
  • Organise your work
  • Work-Life balance
  • Dare to talk/make your point / Giving a small speech
  • Group discussion
  • Handling people / Team management
  • Social Media Interaction (FC, LinkedIn, Twitter) & posting
  • Blog Posting on WordPress sites
  • Creating a nice Profile
  • Motivating others


You will not only become an expert in these skills but you will be able to train these skills to others and become a Trainer.

Duration of the course is 15 days and classes can be conducted on Skype or in person (in Pune, India)

Course Fees:  Rs. 18000 or USD 300. You can pay the course fees using Online back transfer, Paytm in India or using PayPal from outside India

Start your Career as a Soft Skills Trainer OR Administrator OR a Virtual Assistant.

Contact us on punegravity@gmail.com to get started.